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Resources for New International and Transnational students In English

Information Provided by: Sadia Afrin


Agata Jagielska is the Graduate Program Coordinator and Advisor of the Department of English Literature and Language. She is the first contact person for any departmental inquiries you have. She will be the guide for academic or administrative issues in your hand. Her contact information is Her office room number is Hagey Hall (HH) 250. Her office phone extension number is 43618.


To find all area exam schedules and reading list information as PhD students, follow the link below. It has all the dates and reading lists from areas of study that you will select based on your PhD research area. The English Department updates all changes and instruction for Secondary and Primary exams in this page. Note: PhD students, please keep this link in your file and do not loose it.


To know about the International Doctoral Student Award (IDSA), look into the link below. IDSA is provided automatically to eligible students who are registered as full-time  doctoral students at the University of Waterloo. For more information on this award, contact the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Dr. John Savarese (

You can also get into contact with Agata Jagielska at for more information.


To reach out for help in finding Library Resources, every UW department has assigned representative and librarian as staffs to directly assist students. Below is the link to the main list of Library Liaisons and Departments. For English, our first go-to-person is Lauren Doyle ( or ext.48765) and Kenneth Hirschkop ( or ext.32095).


Various awards offered by the English Department are listed in the link below. You can apply or seek opportunities as you see them fit.


To find assistance in writing course assignments and research papers, such as proofreading, brainstorming, technical editing advice, and structural guideline to write an academic piece, the Writing and Communication Center is a great place. The following link will take you to their page for further information. Note that the Writing Center is not a place to ‘fix’ your papers for grades. It is rather a place to receive collaborative assistance and support to shape and reshape your ideas for better communication with your readers and clear use of language for meaning-making.


For various support centers and information, specifically, assisting International Students, please look into the following resource. For example, if you need consultation on Immigration and guide to work on Immigration documents, there are resources provided.


Below is the link to all faculty members’ names and profiles in the English Department. To search for supervisors, you can look into their field of expertise and research interests to approach them and to work with them for your MA/PhD research.


For applying to University of Waterloo Graduate Student Family Housing and Single Graduate student housing, please follow the link below. The process is complex and competitive. To seek student housing, you need to look through proper application portals, which are separate for Graduate Student Family Housing (CLV North) and Single Graduate Student Housing. For more information and clarification, contact the SAGE International Student Representative: Sadia Afrin ( or call/email the UW housing directly.

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