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Mental Health & Wellness Education & Resources

Doing What’s Needed

Our Equity Liaison specializes in Mental Health & Wellness. The link below will take you to a curated and detailed information page on resources that may be useful for graduate students.


GSA Resources

Tackling the Issue

Our GSA Rep works towards advocating for English Graduate students by sitting on the Graduate Student Association (GSA) Council. Follow the link below to learn more about the resources that can be found through the GSA and the GSA Representative

Women Holding Hands

International Student Resources

Making a Difference

Our International Student Rep continuously strives to provide a voice and offer support for transnational and international students in our department who may feel lost while trying to navigate the University's many different processes and perspectives. Follow the link below to learn more about how SAGE supports International and Transnational Students in the English department.

Discord Screenshot.JPG

Discord Help

Staying Connected

In the virtual world, it can be hard to stay connected. That's why we built a Discord server! Discord is one of the most accessible platforms. Additionally, using a program that is not tied to the University's budget and platforms means we aren't subjected to University surveilance. With that said, the Discord server is continuously monitored to ensure safety.

Not sure how to use Discord? Check out our tutorials below!

Library Shelves

Comprehensive Exam Resources

Helping with Academic Success

Comprehensive exams can be incredibly tough - especially when you're on your own and don't know anyone who has done it before! That's why we've created some resources to help you get through your exams, like our lending library!

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