From April 12 - 16, 2021: Exact Times TBD | Join us on Discord:

Vivify your Vibe Week 2021

How are you going to generate groundbreaking research if you don’t first take care of the body and soul you’re inhabiting? Come join SAGE for a week of healing & education.
Vivify your Vibe Week 2021

Time & Location

From April 12 - 16, 2021: Exact Times TBD
Join us on Discord:

About the Event

Vivify Your Vibe is a mental health education & spacemaking event occurring synchronously & asynchronously on the week of April 12th – 16th, 2021.

VYV is a mental health centered, conference-format “self-professionalization” event: how are you going to generate groundbreaking research if you don’t first take care of the body and soul you’re inhabiting? We know the pandemic has raised awareness and renewed institutional commitments to improving mental illness accommodations, supports and wellness initiatives, but this alone is not enough. We need to mobilize our departments, faculties and inner circles to take care of each other and empower each other in as many spaces and places as possible. We have created VIBE DOJOS (seminar sessions) to help equip you to help yourself, your loved ones and your cohort colleagues and students you may be teaching now or in the future. This is grassroots restorative justice and healing/helping techniques mobilized by yourself, your friends and your cultural spaces. We want you to be okay.

VYV is naturally a healing space & education space for complicated mental illness/wellness dialectics: what does ableism and mental illness look like in the ivory tower? How can I help or prevent these outcomes? How can I use the space I hold to better the experience of those around me who may be having a difficult time coping? How can I utilize self-healing to inspire healing in those who may need improved strategies and wellness practices? We leverage research from social work, postpsychiatry, neuroscience, health/medical humanities, restorative justice, Kingian Nonviolence leadership paradigms and importantly, lived/living experience practitioners to mobilize easily-implementable strategies to improve health, wellness and mental illness coping skills. If you feel you wish to share space with experts and explore or renew pathways to wellness in academia, Vivify Your Vibe is your dojo of learning, unlearning and experiential learning.

[Image: visual timeline of VIVIFY YOUR VIBE WEEK, occurring April 12 – 16th, 2021]


MONDAY 12 APRIL: “VIBE CHECK” - deconstructing mental health & mental illness, deconstructing “anxiety” and diagnosis dialectics

TUESDAY 13 APRIL: “VIBE ANALYSIS” - peer support & co-instructed grassroots groups for Depression, Anxiety and Comorbid/Psychotic Mental Illness: brave space and safe space options, educational resources, ways to reach out or viable contacts for each experience, spacecmaking for kaleidoscopic experiences of differential diagnoses and non-diagnoses

WEDNESDAY 14 APRIL: “VIBE DOJO I” - seminars on super-self-care, grounding & calming, ableism in the academy and preventative spacemaking

THURSDAY 15 APRIL: “VIBE DOJO II” - seminars on cross/multicultural and transnational identity politics, wellness experiences and marginalization from/returning to abroad experiences, compassionate classroom interventions for all instructor levels (TA àGI à Seasoned Professor), dis/ability in the humanities and post-COVID teaching and learning

FRIDAY 16 APRIL: “VIBE RECALIBRATION” - reflection safe space & brave space, beginner yoga, personal journeys and slam sessions, personal experiences and lived experience resistances in the academy, connecting with academics who shared space this week


• CULTURE CLASS HEALING PARTY: Everyone hails from somewhere! we host a call where everyone brings something from their family background that promotes “healing” in their space (and offers ways for other people to borrow this method of healing!)

• DISCORD ASYNCHRONOUS/SYNCHRONOUS GAME MEETUPS: We could do either a streaming party (where streamers are advertised or watch various let’s plays series) / or we could do multiplayer discord lives, gamification and play as a means of healing and positive storytelling

• EXPERIENTIAL QUILT: artistic identity-construction through digital artwork, a “quilt of UW ENGL” built by you, for you (We give people a default “square” that they can decorate with how they see themselves at UW (whether by identity, culture, location, DISS/MRP interest, etc.)

Please demonstrate interest in this event programming via the SAGE UW website, here: Signalling your interest is important to collaborators, guest speakers & conference organizers! If you feel interested in all or some of the program planning, please signal your interest via the RSVP page so we know how much space-making we need to do! (it’s quick & easy)


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